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Opvoeding, Jeugdzorg en Onderwijs - Pedagogiek
Building bridges, breaking borders
Urban Culture and Youth
(Hard-cover and full-colour)

Kit Wachelder    Marek Czaniecki    Hanne Seitz    Christine Vogt
ISBN: 978 90 8850 126 5
384 pagina's
1e druk, 2009
Prijs: € 24.90

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Project UCAY has set out to bring together several European good practices, research the factors that make these practices good practices, and transfer them in a way that they can be of use to primarily the Dutch voccational education, professional field and higher education, and the European professional field and educational systems in general.

On cultural opportunities, empoweringyoung people through ICT, social cultural entrepreneurship, youth at risk, sports, art, learning.

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Prijs: € 24.90
Bestel aantal:
Building bridges, breaking borders

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Meer over deze auteur(s):
Kit Wachelder
Marek Czaniecki
Hanne Seitz
Christine Vogt
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