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Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling - Algemeen
Diversity and community development
An intercultural approach
René Clarijs    Irena Guidikova    Thijs Malmberg
ISBN: 978 90 8850 239 2
256 pagina's
Prijs: € 29.50

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At this moment, societies are changing at a breakneck speed. Many welfare states turn into participation states, which has consequences for the position and power of citizens. More and more, nations withdraw from their current tasks, and citizens are made responsible for an increasing amount of duties in the society. Also the financial crisis leads to a changing attitude of the citizens; increasingly they are expected to solve their own problems.
Weak groups in our societies like children, elderly people and especially immigrants have seen better days. In this book we present from 14 different countries in 5 continents, 23 articles how citizens, politicians, policy makers and managers can deal with the challenging issue of the development of the community, particularly related to diversity.
The contributions, which are a mix of theoretical background and policy examples, inspire and force to action as it were. The reader can wait for further inspiration or get to work. The authors are ready to support.

Prijs: € 29.50
Bestel aantal:
Diversity and community development

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René Clarijs
Irena Guidikova
Thijs Malmberg
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