Thijs Malmberg

Thijs Malmberg is a public policy consultant;
he studied Sociology of the family at Wageningen University. After working for the central Dutch government as director for youth policy and director for social policy he has worked from 2000 till 2012 as a manager of the public management consultancy unit of the firm Ordina; since October 2012 independent consultant and advisor of the public field (central government, provinces, cities, inspectorates and NGO's) in the Netherlands and abroad.
Also active as a board member of national and international NGO’s. Organizer of international learning experiences. Expert for the Council of Europe for the Intercultural Cities program. He is a co-founder of the Academy for Public Change. In his work he strives for citizens involvement and better results in the public field.


The quiet revolution (2012)

Aggrandising people power by Family Group Conferences

Diversity and community development (2011)

An intercultural approach
Thijs Malmberg