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Jan van Tartwijk

Jan van Tartwijk is a professor of education at the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of Utrecht University. He is is the chair of both the Graduate School of Teaching and the faculty’s Education Consultancy and Training Group.
In his research he focuses on teacher-student communication processes and on workplace-based assessment in teacher and medical education, but he is also involved in research projects on a range of other topics such as assessment and motivation, assessment and creativity, selection for admission into higher education, the pedagogy of teacher education, and the development of teacher expertise throughout the professional career. He teaches on teaching and teacher education and teacher student communication in the classroom.

In 1993 he successfully defended his thesis on the interpersonal significance of teacher nonverbal behaviour for classroom communication processes. His supervisors were Theo Wubbels, Mieke Brekelmans, and Herman Hooymayers. He has since then kept working with Theo and Mieke in research on teacher student communication processes.