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Are you listening to me?

Communicating with children from four to twelve years old

Dr. Martine F. Delfos  

| E-ISBN 9789461540676 | 220 pagina's | E-book | 2nd edition 2023
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Hardly any literature exists about having conversations with children. Talking to children is a daily activity for almost everyone. For professionals who work with children it is even an essential activity. Nevertheless we learn little about it in college. Besides the attention given to open question-and-answer sessions, communication with children in general is described. It deals with therapeutic assistance for children and conversations in school in particular.

In Are you listening to me? Martine F. Delfos describes how to conduct conversations with children between four and twelve. How can we make them talk about what is on their mind? Should you talk and play at the same time?

Which questioning techniques are fit for which age? How can you estimate the mental age of the child? How to enable the child to be a good witness?

Are you listening to me? is a book on communicating with children between four and twelve. The most recent research has been translated in a model of communicating with children adjusted to their age. It is fit as a textbook for those who work with children of primary school age. From teacher or police agent to therapist.

Dr. Martine F. Delfos, Utrecht, The Netherlands, is a psychologist and psychotherapist and is specialised in working with children and adults with multiple traumatic experiences. She works in the field of child welfare and teaches psychologists, doctors, social workers and group leaders in children’s homes.

Also translated in German and Spanish
This title is a best-selling item in the Netherlands.
22th edition in 2022.




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