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I am attached to them!

About attachment as a buoy in distress

PICOWO Series Part 15

Dr. Martine F. Delfos  

ISBN 9789088507809 | E-ISBN 9789088507847 | 64 pagina's | Paperback | 1ste druk, 2017


Attachment is an important subject in education and care. Problems in attachment are both overestimated as is sometimes the case in professional care, as well as underestimated in the case of divorce. It is about whether children can develop a feeling that people will be available for them when they have a problem or are in need. A secure attachment is the basis for developing sustainable and meaningful relationships.

In this handy and well readable book, Martine Delfos describes what attachment is and how it develops. Attention is paid to situations that affect the formation of attachment, such as divorce, adoption, foster care, loss of a parent, brother or sister by death. She also devotes attention to the social and cultural context in which the attachment should be formed.

Dr. Martine F. Delfos is a bio-psychologist, therapist, teacher and scientist. She works as a therapist among others with multiple traumatized people, relationship problems, autism and eating disorders. She provides training to psychologists, educationalists, physicians, social workers and lawyers. As a scientist, she develops theories and theoretical models and pays attention to the connection between science and practice. This book about attachment is part 15 in the series from her PICOWO institute (Psychological Institute for Consultation, Edu cation and Scientific Research).



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