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How to stop smoking for free

Without becoming addicted to something else

Neil Devine  

| E-ISBN 9789461540546 | E-book | 1ste druk 2022 | december
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I am a smoker.
I have been since I was a teenager.
It used to be fashionable, now I often feel like an outcast.
Regardless of what I tell myself, I know it’s bad for my health and I probably spend far more money on cigarettes than I realise.
I should quit.
I really do want to stop but…I am addicted and escaping the habit is hard.

How about a little help?
This book offers a refreshing insight into the addiction of smoking. The good news is, quitting is far easier than most people think.
If you’ve tried to stop before, the chances are you went head to head against, what you believed to be your problem, a nicotine addiction. Perhaps you tried taking nicotine in a different format. Think about it, that’s like trying to quit an alcohol addiction by switching from whisky to gin!

When trying to solve a problem, it is essential to know exactly what that problem is. Only then can a successful strategy be planned. If you are a smoker, you are not addicted to nicotine! You are addicted to smoking.

This book lays out a straight forward plan that allows you to tackle your habit by showing you how to ‘reprogramme’ your brain. Within a few weeks anyone, no matter how long they have been smoking, can transition from smoker to non-smoker.
Simply follow the book and the result is inevitable.


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