Autoimmune Reactions and the Immune System

PICOWO series part 10

Martine F. Delfos   Juliette van Gijsel  

ISBN 9789088500473 | E-ISBN 9789088508776 | 152 Pagina's | Paperback | 1ste druk, 2018 | verschijnt eind 2018


In Autoimmune Reactions and the Immune System​ Juliette van Gijsel and Martine Delfos present a total view on autoimmune diseases. They are categorized in order of organs affected and concerned, with their anti-bodies and their triggers. As a result a complete view on autoimmune diseases develops. This database was established in a research project on autoimmunity. It enabled to develop new insights on immunity and autoimmunity.
This book is part 10 in the Picowo series.

Juliette van Gijsel is a physician with a special interest in autoimmunity. Dr. Martine Delfos is a bio- psychologist. She is a researcher, a therapist and a teacher. She is a model and theory developer in several fields, one of them is the immune system and autoimmunity.
Martine Delfos is helping develop autism care in several countries and is visiting professor at the Universidad Central del Ecuador in Quito-Ecuador and also at the International University of Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Information on her work is to be found on: